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2018 For the Traces/Textures exhibition in Museum of Byzantine Culture Maria Kompatsiari


For the Traces/Textures exhibition in Museum of Byzantine Culture

In my work I dabble with my interests in many subjects such as writing as a form of illustration, symbols in general, the depiction of dynamic gestures either on canvas with oil or on paper with ink but also the medium itself, the transparency of various colors, the material behavior, the textures, the traces, the forms ect…

Through Art I seek to know the world, to communicate with the viewer but foremostmy personal development.

Through the creational process I discover the consecutive sides of my “Ego”, in an attempt to understand and express myself. Is during thattime that I dare myself to breach my limits, to elongate them.

Thus in the duration of the creative journey, the dark inside me obtains figureand comes to light piece by piece.

Practically this happens like magic thought a process more or less the same.

Every time I starta ”primitive” dialogue with my subject, in order to discover the inner channel between matter and potential creation. I study and visualize the hidden components, unexploredforces, compressed smells as promising dynamics. I confront them. I listen to their secret calls - challenges from a need to upgrade insignificants to significants, to retrieve their endogenous expression so that I can communicate their “other” language.To touch this fragment of their “Word”, carefully hidden in their silence.

And it is not because of a vanity to dominate over matter, to flaunt a power of authority through human “act of creation”, but as a gift in return, an act of reassessment or commemoration, for the purpose of reading, expanding, developing, the “aperture”.

My “books” and installationsare createdbased on the dipole concept of Chaos-Entropy, Order-Disorder.

The main material used is paper from a paper shredder machine. In the beginning it’s a mass of fabricated chaos. Later the strips of paper are glued together in line thus creating a long fragile, paper string used in “weaving” as both warp and weft. What is truly interesting however is the different charge and dynamic from book to book depending the source of the raw material. Different paper sources are the ones determining the quality of the “string”, its durability, how the final product looks and what I consider most interesting, the “whispers” from the remnants of which it was consisted of. These characteristics create a flow, an unexpectable continuance in the anticipated discontinuity of an action of destruction. Creating like this a new way of “Writing” that exist and doesnt exist at the same time. A speech potentially heard but in reality unheard,existing as remnant, as a “whisper”.

*Entropyis measure of disorder in the universe or of the unavailability of the energy in a system. Thus the higher the entropy the greater the disorder-chaos. 

Maria Kompatsiari