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To date, I have presented two series of my works, which were inspired by the history of our cultural heritage: “Ringstones”, based on exhibits in the Numismatic Museum, and “Lead seals and ghastly figures”, inspired by the exhibits in our Byzantine museums. These works were followed by the series titled “Banners”, which resulted from my personal experiences and associations related to our historical memory, which inevitably takes us back to the banner of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

As is known, the banner (labarum) serves as a symbol of strength, uplifting, inextinguishable passion for a specific purpose, determined heroism and sacrifice. It is made to inspire one not to fall; always held up high to lead with faith and no thought other than the vision of victory. Through it, faith and the struggle become clear and decisive. Banners drive you to forge paths, follow your visions and become a pioneer. It is only natural that this spirit will lead you to Creation.

My “banners” are woven with gold-thread-embroidered ribbons and other such materials which are products of the art of gold-thread embroidery, intended mainly for the creation of holy vestments.

Maria Kompatsiari                                     Thessaloniki, 15/7/22