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Modern Greek Art Museum of Rhodes

The Modern Greek Art Museum of Rhodes will present an exhibition of paintings by Maria Kompatsiari entitled “Idiolects”. The exhibition will be held in the Museum’s New Wing from12 June to the 27 of July 2013.

This characteristic series of mixed-media paintings reflect the artist’s highly personal expressive idiom and have already received very positive reviews in the press. The series will be presented anew in theMuseumofRhodesbut will be rounded out with the addition of several new works that reflect Kompatsiari’s evolving engagement with the subject matter of this series.

Kompatsiari is a painter and engraver. In the “Idiolects” she uses techniques from both disciplines on her surfaces, excavating and, at the same time and where necessary, reshaping her visual field of “writing”. Her script is a gestural abstract one that plays with modulations in intensity, density, hue and stylistic tonality to convey roughness or smoothness, qualities that reflect the dialectics of depth and surface.

In these works, the supple, continually fluctuating structure of the composition defines the drawing through qualities of color, and vice-versa. The structure creates the “plot” of an informal narrative, the constituent elements of which appear in a dynamic fluidity that calls to mind the way in which light functions. Indeed, intrinsic and extrinsic light are identified with the distances and turns that literally and metaphorically characterize the pulsating space of the paintings, insofar as this restless, volatile space denotes the coexistence and interactivity of consciousness and the subconscious. 

In these “Idiolects” the past is entwined with the present, just as sensations of memory are interwoven with impressions and discontinuous “acts of speech”, with the unexpected interruptive silences of a “language” of fluctuation, rhythmic formations, inner conflicts, strange harmonies and contradictions that suggest in an evocative and alluring way – much as whispers do – the potential for the creation of new forms. An act of configuration which, like an open invitation, enigmatically calls forth new meanings, together with the unending questions that these in turn engender.

Opening: Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 20.00
Duration: June 12 - July 27, 2013
Address: New Wing Nestoridiou Melathron, street J. & P. Nestoridi

Visiting hours
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday 9-15
Wednesday 15-21
Sunday, Monday closed

  Info: 2241036646

Admission is free to the public.