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Gianluigi Capitanio

At a first glance, Maria Kompatsiari’s works provoke a disquieting vital obstruction, where the abstract expression of freedom sails, dominates and rejoices at the introspective shipreck, which is consummated within the rhythmed labyrinths winding into stressed visceral traces.

On reflecting on the artist’s production, we tend to follow an emotional movement among lianas, ropes and paths which seem to aggregate, in that graphic and pictorial consonance where shapes and lines intercalate with graphic symbols and interweave.

Beyond appearance, you can see the research of an embryonic thought, able to release from the inhibiting restraints and to drag us to the spring of emotions, and ultimately to eliminate the temporality of the impasse, which seems to be firm in its magnetic and metaphysic loss.

The pleasure is to be found in letting oneself be wrapped up, knotted and get lost in a sublimated allegoric game of catharsis which would mark the point of non-return, or rather illustrate -with the typical detachment of somebody who has overcome fear for disorientation- the visual limits of involvement itself.

The Artist offers us a highly interiorised painting, which is moved by a lyric message of chromatic effects, rich in original symbolic allusions and psychological values, where an underlined syllogism is content to be discovered and shared by a game of complicity with the spectator.

Jiornalista of arte-painter/  Rome 25th September 2005