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2012 Idiolecta-Maria Kompatsiari

Maria Kompatsiari
July 2012
Idiolects is a series of works created between 2010 and 2012. The etymology of the word «idiolect» refers to the way, particular and unique, in which a person uses language in order to communicate orally.
Similarly, in this series of works, I attempted conveying this unique to a person mode of communication, this silent constructed narrative, through a process of self-reflection and self-confession.
The whole process has been a series of endeavors for personal exploration. A transgression of daily resistance, in order to free through expression and reveal fragments of human experience – a SELF that carries more doubt than dogmatism.
A young child with the finger dipped in the jar of clay or in the dark cupboard, trembling with fear and hope that s/he will get hold of the hidden delicacy.
Similar to the way the new owner of an old mansion will look for, scratching, full of eager anticipation, the different layers of coating on the house walls, in the colors and textures, the identities of his predecessors.
So I, too, aggressively scratched, using every means, my own surfaces, in order to create textures and allusions from and onto cracks. Promises and setbacks. Fragments and nuggets. Results of a, mostly inner, reading of old calends...

The works are grouped in polyptychs, not as an act of fragmentation, but as a reading of multitudiness. A multitudiness flirting with a whole, expressing abundance, continuation, expectation, flow.
Also, I feel that this gives me the possibility to more thoroughly expand my quest in color, structure and form.
Writing, always present in my work, seems to function as a potential promise for narrative, this time becoming visibly more persistent and substantial. It pocesses an independence that defines the forms, creates movement, but also stability, perhaps even robustness. It allows for a transparency to emerge and it enriches the thick paste of color providing support when needed.
At the end of the day, it is true that as an artist I feel more like a dowser rather than a magician, and this is sufficient and fulfilling.
In any case, I wish to all of you partaking in my work, to discover and enjoy the magic... of dowsing.